All-In-One Mega Pack

I was thinking that it would be cool to offer you some way to grab everything on the site in one go.

So…oou can now get every one of my  exs24 instruments featured on the site – free and premium – in one package:

The Kitchen sink Percussion, Ebow guitars and Prepared Guitars plus:

The  Rhythmicon, Serpent, Gamme de la Voix, Trautonium, all the drums, the pianos, guitars and well, everything! The whole shebang!



Sheer Unrivalled Awesomeness:

The premium ones alone would cost £9 to buy individually – and you get all the others zipped up for your convenience too. Instead of having to download them and unzip them individually.

You can buy the discount package right now for £7


It’s a whopping 600MB+ download split into 2 zip files.


The All-In-One Mega Pack! You know you want to!





 When you click the purchase link, you’ll get taken to paypal and once that has been processed the download will be automatically sent to you by email via a very reliable digital delivery service called Payloadz.
The download link will show up in your email inbox straight away.
I’ve never had anyone complain that it hasn’t appeared, and I’ve checked the purchase link myself and it comes through immediately.
The name on the paypal bit is Dave Graham Store so don’t be confused there, it’s the right link.
Just make extra sure you’ve put in your email correctly as that’s where the download will go!  

 If you have any problems and things don’t go smoothly (it’s never happened yet -as of December 2013!)  give me a shout at muso[dot] and I’ll sort you out!


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